Fillings All fillings at the practice are routinely done in composite (white). This gives a far better aesthetic result than the traditional amalgam fillings.


Crowns & Bridges


Crowns and bridges come in  four price bands and the higher the price the more aesthetically pleasing they will be and more durable. All crowns made are of a very high standard regardless of which you chose. We offer not only porcelain bonded to gold, but all gold and Procera ceramic/porcelain crowns. Whether you are having a Crown or bridge as a necessity or for cosmetic reasons you can be assured they will be of a very high standard. Crowns are used to improve aesthetics or when a tooth is broken down beyond the point where fillings are still viable. Bridges are one option in replacing a missing tooth.
  Periodontal treatment The dentists prefer to carry out all periodontal treatment themselves rather than use a hygienist. The full range of treatments is available from simple scale and polishes on a regular basis to more prolonged gum treatments. The practice believes in prevention and therefore sees periodontal treatment as essential to maintaining good oral health.
  Fissure sealants Fissure sealants are a seal placed on the back teeth, on the biting surfaces. This is one of the most common areas of the teeth for decay to start. This preventative measure is used more frequently in children especially those with some enamel defect and in patients with a high decay rate.
  Root Treatment On occasions when either an injury or decay encroaches on the nerve of a tooth then removal of the nerve is necessary. Once a root filling is completed then the tooth will need restoring with either a filling or a crown depending on the damage to the tooth body.
  Veneers Veneers are used on front teeth to improve aesthetics. They can be used to bring mildly out of line teeth into a smooth regular arch, replace chipped biting edges, restore worn front teeth back to their original size and can also be used where there have been small chips or stained fillings to give back the "perfect" tooth appearance. It has the advantage of minimal preparation to the natural tooth structure .
  Dentures We can provide patients with a variety of dentures ranging from standard acrylic dentures to specialized Ivoclar dentures and also chrome dentures. We can if needed provide denture repairs, relines and add teeth to dentures as a maximum 24 hour service should this be necessary. Dentures take around of a month to make with four appointments, each a week apart. In special circumstances we can get the lab to make dentures as an express item although obviously they do charge extra for this service.
  Bleaching If you've ever wanted that film star white smile or just your teeth to look a little whiter then we offer a bleaching system. Impressions of your mouth are taken in the surgery and then fitted plastic trays are made for your mouth. You are given syringes of bleaching gel and at home you can bleach your teeth. Trays go in your mouth for around two hours at a time and over a week or two your teeth lighten a little each time. This means you have full control over how much you brighten your smile. The change is permanent although natural darkening of the teeth as we age will mean about once a year you may want to "top up" for a few days. So the advantage of the system we use as opposed to surgery bleaching is that you are in total control and you can top up whenever you feel the need.
  Mouthgaurds & Nightgaurds


If you are heavily into contact sports then we would recommend that you protect your teeth with a gum shield. We can make them in a variety of colors ranging from clear through most colors and combined colors with or without patterns are available.

If you grind your teeth we would suggest that a night guard will possibly break you of the habit. It will definitely cut down on the wear you are causing your teeth by this habit and also help or prevent jaw joint problems occurring. It is also well reported that headache and migraine sufferers often grind their teeth so a night guard will help with this problem.



Anti Snoring Device We can provide you with an anti snoring device and have had excellent feedback from patients (and their partners) on these.

Both Mr. Gill and Mr. Cope have completed a years course in implant dentistry at St Ann's in Manchester. Implants are used to replace missing teeth as a permanent restoration. It involves some surgery and usually takes a maximum of 6 months from placing the implant to having the permanent restoration placed on top of it. Rejection is extremely rare, but unfortunately common in those who smoke and therefore as a practice we would not recommend this treatment to smokers.

Implants can be used to replace one missing tooth up to a total mouth. On top of the titanium implant which replaces the root of your tooth and is "screwed" into your jaw we place either a crown or a bridge. Implants can also be used to fix some dentures.